Growing up in a small town, where the last bus heads home at 11 p.m.on a Friday, the four musicians have no choice but to write new songs all night long.

Inspired by artists such as “Imagine Dragons” and “Halsey”, Belfast Overdose are constantly doing everything they can to break the boundaries between indie and pop. Deep bass and atmospheric synthesizers meet catchy guitar melodies and driving percussion. On stage they convince with an extraordinary performance, which the three describe as a mix between a live band and a DJ set. In order to realize this modern type of live show, all musicians perform on several instruments simultaneously, whether sampler and guitar, drums or synthesizer.

Belfast Overdose have released six singles and a live session so far. Their song ‘Talking to Me’ was also remixed by the Berlin DJ ‘Temry’. The songs have been streamed over a million times on Spotify.